About Us


National Taekwondo Unino-Nepal (NTU-N) a esteemed organization founded on 2057 B. S. (2000 A. D.) and officially recognized as National Association on 2068-05-18 B. S. (4th Sept. 2011 A. D.).  The association conducted general assembly on 2069-01-24 B. S. (6th May 2012 A. D.).  NTU-N is the authorized association to process Kukkiwon certificates in Nepal.  It is an authorized National Association recognizd by National Sports Council and Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Nepal.  Hence, this Association is registered with and affiliated to concerned authority of Nepal as per the existing act, rules and regulations of Nepal. 

Its our pleasure to inform you that NTU-N is Internationally recognized by World Taekwondo Headquarters, Kukkiwon since 23rd Aug. 2012.  NTU-N officially participated on 25th Event of Sixth National Games organized by National Sports Council, Government of Nepal.